Accommodations Inspected & Approved by the Anchorage Alaska B&B Association

When you stay at our B&Bs, you can be confident knowing that your comfort, safety and enjoyment are top priority. You can trust that Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association members adhere to a high level of standards for cleanliness, service, security and ethics. Each member is inspected and approved regularly. When you choose lodging at an AABBA member inn, rest assured that your innkeeper has met all the standards and that your stay is worry-free.

Why guess? Picking a B&B that is visited by peer inn-keepers adds assurance that the inn lives up to the photos and descriptions you see online!

The inspections are conducted by AABBA peer members. Inspected & Approved B&Bs not only meet state and local business regulations, they are personally visited for evaluation of the rooms’ comfort and cleanliness, the business practices, and consideration of guests’ safety and well-being.

When you’re planning your stay in Anchorage, you need only search our member inn listings to find quality travel accommodations. Our inns come in all shapes and sizes. Each B&B has a different “flavor” and style, but you’re assured of one thing: a quality stay and hospitality, Alaskan style!

We expect the expectation that your stay will be excellent, but if you should have any concerns about an AABBA bed and breakfast member inn, you may e-mail the AABBA Standards and Ethics Chair at Standards and Ethics.