Anchorage Alaska Inns Help Keep Alaska Green

Keeping Alaska Green is very important to many of the Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers. The AABBA’s “Going Green” lodging program is an plan of action which aspires to prompt the members of the group to make changes to everyday ways of doing business which will reduce their impact on the environment in Anchorage. The special inns which participate in the program are required to comply with at least three of the following courses of conservation:

1) Lighting – At least 50% of interior medium based light bulbs must be compact fluorescent or other high efficiency types.

2) Recycle (House) – Recycle aluminum cans, plastics, glass, paper, and cardboard as accepted by the Municipal recycle program.

3) Recycle (Guest Participation) – Display in a prominent place a recycle receptacle that will encourage guest participation.

4) Laundry Conservation – Encourage guests to use bath and bed linens for multiple days.

5) Donate Useable Items – Donate short-end supplies and out of service linens, furniture, etc. for use within the community.

6) Members participate in Food Drives that are conducted periodically through the year that benefit the Anchorage community.

7) Additionally, many of our member inns purchase and serve Fair Trade Coffee, Tea and Chocolate.

Some of the inns take further steps to strengthen their commitment to “Going Green”. The Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Anchorage support sound business practices that will permit and promote tourism while endeavoring to attain these significant reduce, recycle, reuse goals.

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