Teachers and Technologies

It has been a busy four days in Anchorage: schoolteachers from all over Alaska came to town with one purpose in mind: to get updated on technology tools for education. Attending ASTE, the Alaska Society for Technology in Education, nearly 600 educators and 100 vendors convened to hear presentations, consider keynote speakers’ views, and of course, to enjoy good food and endless networking.

And tonight, the conference closed.

When ASTE is in town, one can gain a sense of positive energy and belief that the students of today WILL become leaders of tomorrow.  To see how the most rural of villages accesses the Internet under the tutelage of science and math teachers, history and literature teachers, teachers private-school-based, public-school,  and home-based: truly amazing. And they all, to a person, are so excited about the technologies of the Internet and media…they see how connectivity gives kids endless opportunities.  But for the teachers, the stress comes in remaining current and aware of what is out there.

When ASTE meets, the teachers get refreshed.  Just staying ‘in town’ is rejuvenating – but staying at a B&B where they are pampered a bit is even more refreshing.  One told me, “I love not having to be responsible for my house and meals and such just for a couple of days!”

We are fortunate to be able to serve a population such as Alaska’s teachers!

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