Things to See in Anchorage: Whale Watching

Eight species of whales in Alaska are on the list of what to see here: blue, grey, humpback, Minke, bowhead, Orca, Right, and Beluga.

Our Belugas are very special: adults are white, they can turn their heads, they live here year round, and, you can often see them close up from the road.

How special is that? Seems like a great reason to rent a car while visiting Anchorage and surrounding areas.  Go to Beluga Point on Turnagain Arm for some great whale watching.  We will bet you end up chatting with local residents who enjoy the same view.

Then return to your B&B and share the photos with your host.  More conversation will ensue as you relive the high points of your day.

Bill Floyd of Lake Hood Inn

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