What do B&B Hosts Do When Not Inn Keeping?

Many inn-keepers wear multiple hats in Alaska.  Their jobs are varied and interesting.  Every so often, one story catches the attention of all in Alaska, as does this tale of tragedy, service, and caring–
Dr. Karen Lea French, known to most everyone as “Frenchy”, is helping out in Anvik, Alaska. Frenchy owns Frenchy’s Adventure Bed and Breakfast.  She has trained Julie and Kristi to care for her business over the fall and winter months, so it is in good hands.
A tragic story brings Karen to Anvik, Alaska to teach.  On August 13, 2011, a plane crash ended the lives of long time teacher, Julie Walker and pilot, Ernie Chase.  The others on the plane survived and have been recovering in Anchorage – they are Don and RoseMarie Evans, with their 2 children, Donny and Mckenzie. With school about to start, and a community mourning the loss of their school faculty, Anvik called for help.

Frenchy is principal and teaching grades 4 – 10.  She is honored they selected her for this position.  She always puts in 12 %, and is hoping to help the students and community in many ways in this great time of need. Teaching, managing the school, and dispensing messages of care to students and family adjusting to loss – these are the hats Frenchy dons when not at her B&B.
If anyone wants to help the school or community, send items to:
Dr. Karen Lea French
Blackwell School
PO Box 90
Anvik, Alaska  99558

Frenchy is one of the Innkeepers affiliated with Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association

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