Pets, Alaska Travel, and Places to Stay

Lucas, resident canine at Jarvi Homestay B&B

A recent blog by member innkeeper Mary at Jarvi Homestay examines the issue of traveling with pets (mainly dogs) while in Alaska. As a dog lover herself, she accepts canines when they are socialized as members of the family and follow accepted rules of good behavior!

Other B&Bs in Anchorage offer shelter for pets and their humans, with pets translating to ‘canines’ in most cases.  Alternatively, some inns have no resident pets and do not take four-footed visitors, a feature that might be useful if you have allergies.  Take a look at the Anchorage B&B Amenities page (a search page on which you make choices and click ‘enter’ to get results) for picking your preference.

As Mary comments in her blog, safety for pets visiting Alaska is a concern. Moose are numerous and they are dangerous to man and canine! Know how to enjoy your travels without endangerment — either in town or on the trail.

The Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association places a high value on safety for guests, and emphasizes this factor in its inspection process.  Be prepared to be briefed on safety within the inn as well as reminders about bears and moose – but since snakes do not care for the climate, you will be spared reminders about avoiding them.  

Come, enjoy Alaska’s beauty!

–Mary, is the Innkeeper at JarviHomestay, a member of the Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association

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  1. A timely blog, we were actually thinking about visiting Alaska this summer with our dog and i had not even thought of staying in a B&B. This is a viable option that i will explore.

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