Alaska Texas Connection!

Standing in a restaurant in Texas with two friends, I was introduced with the inevitable, “She’s visiting from Alaska!” line.  Soon, staff and owners came close enough to reveal their desire to visit and see the beauty. Carrying my iPad, I opened to a slide show of Alaska’s mountains, glaciers, waters, wildlife, and travel destinations and before long, one woman wanted a web address and more advice on planning her trip.

How amazing it is to have a personal slide show immediately accessible, whether on your notebook or phone, I thought! The pictures ‘sold’ the story better than any words, any web address, or any brochure!

I also mentioned the FaceBook page for the AABBA as I guessed that her age might be a clue to her favorite web tools, and the big smile and sound of excitement confirmed my guess. 

Telling stories of Alaska adventures…that is the best gift, and it ignites desire to visit, or visit again. Telling others of the dimension added by staying at B & Bs opens their planning ideas to something unique, and when they find out about inns that are inspected and approved, they gain confidence in making a good choice. 

2012 visitors, share your stories – tell us the highlights of your Alaska visits! We would love to retell your adventures and to inspire others! And if you visited in earlier years, your stories are as welcome – perhaps the telling will put you in the planning mood for a 2013 visit!

Mary is one of the Innkeepers/members of Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association and operates JarviHomestay in South Anchorage. She travels as a consultant in change management and thus enjoyed Mexican dinner at Angelina’s in Lewisville while meeting with Texas clients recently.

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