Seasons of Change

We are in a changing world and we have to reinvest ourselves to succeed in a world of change.  The Swiss Efficiency and other members of the AABBA  offer accommodations that range from classic Bed & Breakfast to modern…the signs of change!  With the growing demand of the traveling public, we like to grow and accommodate the guests needs.  As one of the world’s great philosophers of change once said:  Survival belongs not to the strongest, or to the smartest, but to the most adaptable.

In today’s world, it is important to do research about the reputation of the place you will stay.  Are they licensed? Do they participate in a peer inspection and review program? Are they solid, intending to stay in business? Is the place known to the local community (and in a positive light?)

Having organizational membership such as in the AABBA is important to our B&Bs. It indicates that we uphold a code of ethics, maintain hygienic, safe standards for guests, and we accept inspections both scheduled and impromptu. We meet with other B&B owners to share new strategies for improving our hospitality. We are accountable to one another….not just to the office of business licensing!

Why ask? Because you want to know the B&B will be in business when you arrive, and that it will be safe, clean, and enjoyable. You want to know the breakfast will meet your needs and maybe even thrill you with locally grown specialties. And you want to know you are experiencing Alaska in a way franchises can’t offer: with the personal conversation of a local resident/host. 

So how will you set your standards? What research will you do? How will you know you have positioned yourself for a glorious trip? Start with the Hotline at 907-272-5909 or visit the website, checking the information on ‘inspected and improved‘. It will help your decision making anywhere you go!

Verena Kaeppele of Swiss Efficiency is one of the Innkeepers in  Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association

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