Alaska: The Land of Photographic Wonder

Alaska is a wonderland for photographers. Whether you are a kid with your first smartphone or a pro with a bag full of lenses and tripods, you have plenty of opportunities to capture images that delight! And with the dramatic changes in lighting that take place throughout each day and season, few photographers decide they have had enough!

When the Anchorage Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association innkeepers updated the Association website, three photographers and all members participated by submitting images. Three photographers who are Associate / Travel Partners of the AABBA were extraordinarily generous with their images. You will see their credits on various pages that feature their work. Meet them here!

Snow covered mountains and evergreen trees with a pink and blue skyDorothy Hight never leaves home without a camera bag, in spite of her continuing career as a trainer and health care provider. When website development and image posting became the vogue, she was an early explorer. Dorothy is a storyteller, a singer, a performer, and in short, is a woman for all arts. Today, she continues to delight with Alaska images on her social media pages. She captures boldness in the out of doors, from winter scenes to photos of summer’s hanging baskets that convey the warmth of afternoon sun. She has won ribbons for her work, but that recognition is not her motivation: it is the lure of the next great shot of a moose, a dog, hoarfrost, or amber glow on the mountains in the evenings. Contact her about the use of her work.

Bald eagle with brown and white feathers sitting on top of gray branchesLisa Pugh spent her early career serving our country and is well known as an outstanding Air Force leader. Her story is an inspiration, but don’t ask to hear it from her: she will give all credit to others, and you might miss her part in it! During her transition to civilian life, she shared that she desired to become known as a photographer of Alaska’s beauty. Building on years of experimenting with light, color, composition, and exposure, she has amassed a portfolio that will enthrall you  –  and Facebook users, see her page, Lisa Pugh Photography! Contact her about the use of her work.

Bear with light tan and brown fur standing in bushes with green and yellow leavesDavid Kohler started Alaska Digital Postcard to enable visitors to remember all of Alaska, adding to the images captured in person. Your grandparents bought paper postcards to add to the scrapbook, your parents took slides to show the neighbors – now you can get a thumb drive collection that transports lightly and carries pictures that are yours to use freely.  View his photo gallery to see the proof. He is working on the third collection, and many of the AABBA Bed & Breakfasts stock the collections in-house for your ease of purchase.

We honor the work and ownership of the images shared with you and hope you will always respect the same. Copyright is often misunderstood, and is thought of as limited to times you use someone else’s work to gain income. The fuller meaning is any use without attribution to and permission of the photographer/owner. But rather than describe law, we request the spirit of supporting artists (and that takes both recognition and funding!)

Enjoy their work on the Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association site. Join us in supporting their abilities to capture incredible views of Alaska wonders!

Blog post created by: Mary M. Rydesky. Mary is one of the Innkeepers with Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association. She has operated Jarvi Homestay Bed and Breakfast, since 2007.

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