Welcoming the Alaska Governor’s Conference on Safety & Health April 2-3, 2019


The 38th Annual Alaska Governor’s Conference on Safety & Health is slotted for the first week of April, and the inspected and approved Bed & Breakfasts of the AABBA welcome guests who wish to support small business owners and in return get quiet, safe, peaceful accommodations in the Anchorage area. By calling 907-272-5909, #akGSHC attendees will reach a volunteer who will match callers with best choices that meet their requirements. Want a place with a hot tub? One that offers espresso at early hours? One that provides off-street parking? Privacy? Describe your amenities wish list and get a great match,

AABBA B&Bs meet safety and health standards, hold registration by the Municipality of Anchorage, and are inspected and approved every 24 months or less. You will meet a local resident, as the Muni requires that the owner lives on the premises of the B&B.

We look forward to hosting safety professionals, Alaska business owners and managers, and others who focus on making Alaska’s workplaces safe for all who work in our state!

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