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Kenai River Drifter's Lodge in Cooper Landing AK

Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge in Cooper Landing AK

Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge

Alaska provides a wide variety of outdoor adventures, not the least of which are the fishing opportunities.  Which one do you pick? Your next river adventure should be with Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge in Cooper Landing, Alaska.  They are a member of the Kenai River Professional Guide Association, and professional is the word that describes the team at Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge.  We had an incredible time fishing on Kasilof River with guide Shawn Coe.  The staff welcomed us into a cozy environment with open arms.  After a brief greeting and registration for my fishing license, Erica Tofte offered us a tour of the grounds, cabins, and service areas, including where to partake of a quick breakfast before starting our early morning time on the water.

Adventure is the central feature of a visit to Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge.  Others’ photos on Facebook struggle to reflect the splendor of the surroundings at the lodge. We ‘sat a spell’ by the campfire and chatted with other guests, appreciating the color of the Kenai River and the majesty of the Chugach National Forest. Two gentlemen, who were in the midst of a 6,000 mile Harley Davidson road trip, shared tales of bear viewing on their ride in from Canada. 

Cabin accommodations include a home-like living room, well-equipped kitchenette and spacious bath downstairs as well as sleeping arrangements for as many as six in very comfortable beds upstairs. Maybe it was the time around that campfire that made me drowsy enough to sleep when I truly wanted to stay awake and aware of the coziness inside and the views of the river and mountains outside my room.

Filleting fish at the end of the day at Kenai River Drifter's Lodge in Cooper Landing AK

Filleting fish at the end of the day at Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge in Cooper Landing AK

Bob Rima arranged our fishing trip from Kasilof landing to the Cook Inlet.  We started very early and thus decided to forego the sauna with its river view the night before. The cool of the morning gave way to warming sunshine: everyone dressed in layers, so all was good.  What a surprise to head for fishing without the sound and smell of a motored boat to convey us.  Shawn rowed, stopping at several of his favorite fishing holes as we moved downstream. We had ‘fish on’ before the last two spots, affectionally called Desperation and Prayer.  Successful we were and pleased that we’d caught dinner for the night.

With the clean, comfortable lodging, the professionalism of the staff, and the amazing beauty of Alaska, a stay or with Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge will meet with pleasure for families with kids, elders, serious fishers, and anyone else who has dreams of an Alaska adventure. Whether you want to fish or take a scenic float (or float and hike) it’s the trip of a lifetime! This one should be on your bucket list not just once, but for as many return visits as you can make.


Fishers at Kenai River Drifter's Lodge in Cooper Landing AK

Fishers at Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge in Cooper Landing AK

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Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge is 99 miles by road from Anchorage. An Associate/Travel Partner of AABBA, Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge is the choice of travelers who want to pack their trip with a variety of memorable activities…and who want assurance that their travels take them to meet wonderful people who provide excellent service.

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