Is It Safe?

Early in 2020, the Coronavirus Covid19 appeared in the United States after affecting other countries around the world. A the time of this writing, Alaska has had no positive test results. Businesspersons in the travel and tourism industry do not take that status as a reason to ignore the impact of Covid19, and we are examining our plans and processes. We want travelers’ time in Alaska to be wonderful, and we want our staff and volunteers to be well guarded.

Many people know the basics of prevention: the CDC and local public health departments have quickly shared the steps, and most people are aware of precautions, symptoms that should cause them to stay at home, and supplies they should have in stock.  Travelers, too, are preparing: many are purchasing travel insurance along with their tickets.

The best advice is this: do not be complacent. Avoid thinking the problem is overblown or unreal. At the same time, being anxious or fearful is unproductive. Instead, make your plans and verify whether your hosts have risk management plans in place. Then, before your travel, check the CDC site for confirmed cases of Covid19 and continue your hygiene of hand washing, not touching the face, and avoiding contact with surfaces touched by others (door handles, hand railings, etc.). 

Above all, keep planning your Alaska travel. We hope that your trip will exceed your dreams!


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