Travelers, We Want You to Travel Safely!

Blue poppies

Blue Poppies in Anchorage, AK

It is now Spring, and usually, we celebrate the turn of the seasons with anticipation for the travel season. In 2020, the situation with COVID-19 makes the outlook a bit less brilliant. Many travelers have canceled their travel plans as directed by their employers or changes in airline, cruise, or other transportation provider mandates.

Anchorage Bed and Breakfasts that bear the “Inspected & Approved” emblem give you a choice for accommodations if you are visiting the area. These B&Bs are small, having 1 – 5 rooms. They are located in residential areas as the Municipality of Anchorage requires that B&Bs are located within homes where the guest resides. (Note – not all businesses advertising as B&Bs are in compliance with the Muni’s requirements).

When you book with an “Inspected & Approved” B&B, you are connecting with AABBA inns. Members of AABBA follow a code of expectations for professionalism in the business – and the members share a zeal for traveler care and service.

Our B&B owners have adjusted their requirements for cancellation, recognizing that you may have a concern if you book and then feel ill just before traveling. Talk with us! 

All businesses are concerned about transmission, and with the guidance of the CDC, we support hand washing, social distancing, and other practices to break the chain. When you enter a B&B, remove your shoes and immediately wash your hands. Don’t be offended if we ask to take your temperature with a non-touching thermometer. Avoid touching surfaces such as railings, tabletops, and so forth. Have you perfected opening doors and pressing elevator buttons with your elbow? It is a skill that is useful every day of your life, not just in response to the current virus!

Anchorage B&Bs are regulated to provide one meal (maximum), usually breakfast, to B&B guests. With our restaurants, coffee shops, and bars under mandate to provide no in-house service, you may want to speak with your B&B host about take-out and delivery options. Although we strongly support practices that are ‘green’ and ecology oriented, now is the time to use disposable eating utensils and disposing of everything to an outdoor trash receptacle after dining.  Avoid placing your phone or other items on a surface where food is served (the advice is good for all surfaces. Can you keep your phone in a pocket?)

If you feel ill or suspect you are getting ill while staying at a B&B, remember that you have been incubating for several days. Let your host know immediately and allow us to link you with local health care options.

With care, your travel will be delightful and you will see the Alaska beauty at a time when fewer travelers are vying for the same views and photographic vistas. We look forward to seeing you in 2020! Call 907-227-2393 to reach a reservation volunteer or send us a note about your travel plans.

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