World’s smallest flowering plant in Anchorage?

A member of “the world’s smallest flowering plant” (Lemnaceae) family was rumored as found at Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage this past summer.

Will this be verified in 2011? What will this mean? Perhaps your trip to Anchorage will answer this.  Have you booked your accommodations?  Think about staying at a B&B.  Why?  Because B&B hosts are local residents who have interests in such things as plants – or just about anything you find most intriguing!  Hosts love to talk with guests and share the best places to visit. Flowers, gardens, gardening are shared interests of many B&B hosts, and a number of them are Master Gardeners who will point you to private gardens and tours!

There are many special places in Anchorage to enjoy Alaskan plants. The Alaska Botanical garden is a great place to start. Many Northern and native species are showcased within their 110 acre woodlands. Also visit the Anchorage Municipal Greenhouse, which is located off Debarr Road at the Russian Jack Park.  Want more?  Well, Anchorage is called “The City of Flowers” so you may want additional recommendations provided by the Visitors Bureau.  But really, why not ask for a B&B with a host who is an avid gardener?  You will get the best of tours!

Innkeepers Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association

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