Saltwater Excursions: Whittier Fishing on Prince William Sound

About this time yesterday, we were returning from a day on Prince William Sound with Saltwater Excursions.  A new Associate Partner, Kristen Labrecque’s fishing charter, was our choice, and we met Skipper Kristen and deck hand Brad at the Whittier dock after an early scurry through the tunnel. Her safety briefing alerted four of us to important considerations, after which we settled in for a ride on water that was ‘smooth as glass.” What a perfect Alaska day: warm, sunny, little wind, calm seas.  About two and a half hours out, halibut fishing commenced out near Montague Island and before noon, we had nearly reached our limit.  Kristen had gotten us to a key spot just in time for slack tide and with such accuracy that I scanned the waters thinking I would find a large floating “X” to mark the lunch hall of local fish!
With that, Kristen took us to a spot where, drifting, we concentrated on yellow eye (snapper) and cod.  Competition for size on the yellow eye ensued, with Henry bringing in the largest – but in truth, everyone’s arms were sore by mid afternoon.
We toured the Sound, visiting sea lions in repose and celebrating with the playful Orcas and otters.  Even a bald eagle checked in for a bit! Kristen talked of the history and geography, and the fishing adventures she has enjoyed – and meanwhile, Brad cleaned fish and put away the tackle, taking a moment to call to our attention the fin whales nearby.
Naps overtook us as we journeyed back to port, even after warming cups of coffee. As we prepared to say so long, we agreed that another day of fishing would be a priority this summer, maybe with emphasis on shrimp.  After tipping Brad and thanking Kristen for her care and focus on guests of the Anchorage Alaska B&B Association inns, we headed back for the tunnel, sure to tell others of the great customer service and value we received.  We each will post our recollections and encourage others to seek a similar adventure.

Kristen’s charter is Saltwater Excursions. See the Whittier webcam for a view of the day.

Mary is Inn Keeper at Jarvi Homestay B&B in Anchorage and a member of the AABBA.
Innkeepers Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association

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