Fishing on the Kenai Penninsula

The Vendors Fair for the B&B membership featured wonderful presenters, and Alaska River Adventures came as a newcomer.  Standing on the deck, near his display, George Heim spun the story of his life on the river, fishing in his plans. Getting to the chapter on ‘now’, George’s smile broadened,  and he spoke with more animation.  Soon he pulled out a schedule, pointing out which species would predominate in which weeks.  Want Kings?  The first run hits mid-May and a second one in early July.  Reds? In mid-late June they hit the Upper Kenai and provide roughly three weeks of good fishing.  With this, George launches into the fishing schedule for July and August, prime months for visitors coming for a fishing experience.  His company has crafted a number of options, from day fishing to week-long lodge stays and wilderness adventures.
Alaska River Adventures is celebrating 33 years as Alaska fishing guide service. With that amount of experience, George and his team offer a best bet in terms of knowing their craft – and also a best bet in terms of loving what they do.  With that combination, visitors are assured of an experience they will treasure.
George resumes his account of when to fish for what.  The first week of July is chancy but then kings, reds, and bows are possibilities on the rivers and high mountain lakes include grayling, trout, and dollies.  From what I deduced, the third week of July signals a peak for all favorite species and this spree holds for roughly a month and a half! But if your trip is not until late August or September or October, don’t think the best has eluded you: silvers, rainbows, dolly garden, and rainbows run strong.
Come the end of October, George is looking to hang up the gear and winter the boats. His 2011 season will have added more to his story and to his knowledge of where the fish are biting. He will probably take a few days off, then will begin planning for 2012’s run.  
Chances are, if you asked your B&B host about fishing options, and you linked up with Alaska River Adventures, you will be reminiscing while George is looking forward.  You will be showing pictures of Alaska’s beauty and maybe even a few in which you are holding your catch, just pulled from the water. It will be the look in your eye and the smile on your face that tells the real story, though, and will cause listeners to yearn for a similar experience.  
When you book your Alaska trip, consider which Anchorage area Bed and Breakfasts offer freezer space – when you return from your fishing trip, you may need it!  The approved and inspected inns offer a search tool for amenities, a  quick way to find a choice just right for the time between arrival and fishing and then again between fishing and traveling home.  And if you check the Travel Partners page, you find select vendors including George – vendors who work shoulder to shoulder with AABBA innkeepers to individualize your travel experience.
So, fish on – then come to the comfort of an AABBA bed and breakfast to start crafting the story you will recount to others for the rest of your days!

Mary M Rydesky (JarviHomestay) is one of the Innkeepers belonging to  Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association.

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