First Snow Welcomes Winter Visitors in 2011!

Weather is changing and tourists are filling in the ‘shoulder’ season.  People are traveling more in May and September & October, great times to come to Alaska.  This year May had sunshine every day and the temp’s were in the 70’s.  This fall. the leaves were on the trees longer and the days featured nice temperatures.  
Snow at Jarvi Homestay B&B
There are still plenty of activities to do even though the startup date for most seasonal companies is May 15th and close up date is September 15th.  No one closes the many hiking trails for trekking, from marked and maintained trails to hard scrabble routes through brushy valleys and up rocky peaks.  Also available to travelers: museums, glaciers, sea life center, road trips, moose everywhere, zoo and more!  Your B&B host will have ideas, so ask.
Usually we have termination dust (early snow) on the mountain tops in mid-September and snow on the ground by the first week in October.  The termination dust on the mountains means that summer or fall has ended and winter is on the horizon.  It was reported on August 5th by some social media writers: twelve weeks ago!

Well, we finally got that white stuff this morning, October 30th.  Not much, just a covering on the ground.  By comparison, the East Coast got over a foot of snow a few days ago which is highly unusual in that area.  It certainly goes to show the weather is changing.  Fifty years ago when I arrived in Anchorage, Alaska the Portage Glacier was next to the Visitors Center in Portage and now you have to take a boat to get to it.  Also the temperatures were -37 below zero and snow was up to your waist.  Now the extremes are milder and we experience less snow.  Oh my, how the weather has changed.

Visitors are changing also.  People are now coming to see Alaska before it changes much more.  Maybe it is also a dream come true for travelers from all over the world. This year 25 different countries stayed at the Alaska Frontier Gardens B&B, to see a place so beautiful and peaceful as Alaska.

Rita, Owner of Alaska Frontier Gardens, is active as one of the Innkeepers of  Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association

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  1. I have never seen a place beautiful than Alaska. People are just crazy to see Alaska before it changes much more. It was a dream come true for me when i visited it in 2007. However, it has been changed much in a couple of years but its beauty remains the same.

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