Anchorage Folk Festival Underway!

Anchorage Folk Festival Weekend – What a Treat!

Hello again from JoAnna at Planet Anchorage B&B.  I attended the Opening Night of the Folk Festival and picked up a schedule for the entire program Jan 19-29th 2012.  Thursday night was as good as it ever gets-I heard singles and groups named, Whistlepig, Raggedy Banjos, Sourdough Biscuits and Hurricane Dave.  He’s the famous guy who wrote and sings about one of Alaska’s more famous former Governors in a song titled ” ‘Please don’t ask me about Her.'”
You might even have heard some of these guys at the Alaska State Fair before and enjoyed their sometimes silly and irreverent ballads about everyday life.  There’s even a song sung by a group named “60/40” who sing about “International Airport Road”- I mean really, who gives a hoot about that road to the airport anyhow???

One of the best points emcee John Tracy made that evening was how sometimes we don’t even know the “secret” life of our friend or co-worker who goofs around here and there playing a guitar, banjo or fiddle just because they love music.  Not that they are seeking any fame or fortune but just because they love to share music.

So, I’m ushering again today and going to hear one of my favorite groups, Sally’s Kitchen.  Just a big bunch of people who love to play music and are having fun.  By the way, you could tune in to KRUA 88.1 and hear the festival live or  tune in and hear it streamed.

Attending the Folk Festival is free. Watch for the moose seen in the parking lot, though!

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