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Anchorage Folk Festival 2012: First Night!

B&B hosts are also active community members.  Here is a first hand report from one regarding a wonderful, free, two-week long event that gets those in Anchorage to brave the cold and dark of January!

Hi, I’m JoAnna Littau, owner of Planet Anchorage Bed and Breakfast.  I am going tonight to the Wendy Williamson Auditorium at the University of Alaska Anchorage to be a part of the Anchorage Folk Festival.  My part is not musical-I’m attending in my capacity as a member of Ushering In the Arts.  We’re volunteers who go wherever we’re asked to assist patrons at performing arts events.  I’ll maybe take tickets or pass out programs, maybe even get a chance to tell some kids running up and down the stairs to “settle down” or something of that nature.  

I really do enjoy the Folk Festival for many reasons.  For the first, it attracts some interesting people.  I mean, these are genuine real, down-home folks who love fiddles, harmonicas, guitars, mandolins, washtubs and whatever makes music fun.  Some musicians are talented, some others not too much.  But, what they all have going on is their love of playing music and having fun with music.  Nothing too fancy and delivered calmly, lovingly and with good humor.  I guess it’s the place where “real” Alaskans come out of their retreats and deliver up their happy stories in song.  

If you want to attend to the Festival, just show up.  I think KRUA at 88.1 FM should have a schedule for live streaming and I know for sure it goes this weekend both Saturday and Sunday.  Put the 19th through the 29th on your calendar and make time to enjoy the music! Check both the Main Stage and the Folk Week schedules. There are also workshops, dances, and late night jams. When you go, be sure to thank the community sponsors – and consider making a contribution or signing up to volunteer.  

JoAnna of Planet Anchorage B&B is a one of the Innkeeper members of  Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association

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  1. JoAnna, great event in Anchorage. I'll try to attend a few of the gigs during the next couple of week-ends. Many years I am gone during January, but since I am home this year, I'll take advantage of this free event. I encourage people, however, to make a donation, as I always do. Nothing is free in today's expensive world. Hope to see you at UAA, Wendy Williamson Auditorium.

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