Cabins or Crypts?

Anchorage’s 2011-2012 winter brought a particularly cold January and far more snow than usual. It would be easy to succumb to cabin fever while remaining indoors.
Why become increasingly irritated with everyone and anything? Anchorage is throwing a party and everyone is invited to get outside and enjoy.  Fur Rondy 2012 is that party. Its history and tradition extends for 77 years. 
Running with the Reindeer

A few of the events are dog sled races, snow sculptures, dog weight pull, fur auction, outhouse races, dog sled rides, Running with the Reindeers and the melodrama.

Dog Weight Pull

This year’s melodrama is the 22nd annual one.  The original drama for 2012, “Alyeska Jones and the Viking Crypt,” runs from Friday, February 24th through Saturday, March 10th at the Snow Goose Theater.  The plot borders on the absurd as all good melodramas do.  The setting is the village of Norse Pole as the residents prepare for the celebration of their Viking heritage. The cast  explores the 1000-year-old legend of the Viking Longship Belugaberingbornah which was carried by a great tsunami from the Arctic into the mountains of Alaska.  Audience is expected to boo and hiss the villain and cheer for the heroian.  Popcorn should be thrown at the bad guy or just whenever you feel like throwing popcorn. Fun for all ages. To quote Peggy McBride, co-director, “It’ll be a raucous good time.”

Purchase tickets at Centertix or telephone 907-263-ARTS (2787)

Caroline Valentine of Camai B&B is one of the Innkeepers of  Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association. She is a life-long fan of the Fur Rondy Melodrama.

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