Tour of Anchorage – Bigger than Ever Ski Marathon

It’s that time of year again… reserve March 4th!

AND…this year there will be no concerns about snow.  

The great race, as we locals like to call it, is an opportunity to participate in a major athletic event without being an athlete.  Kids and adults of all ages have great fun donning race numbers and skiing the 25 kilometer race course through Anchorage’s neighborhoods and along the coast line.  Just remember to stay to the side for the real athletes as they race to the finish line HOURS before you will arrive!  

The Tour of Anchorage is a point to point cross country ski marathon that is at sea level. There are actually 4 races, a 25 k classical race, and a 25k, 40k and 50k freestyle. Beginners to profressionals participate in every one of these races.  Click the links for additional information on each race as well as finding how to register in advance. The 40k and 50k start on the east side of Anchorage and go through the middle of town, along bike trails. The 25k race starts in the middle of town and uses the same course. The Alaska Daily News calls it the nation’s second biggest ski race – and 2012 is projected to set a record for entrants!

All the races finish at Kincaid Park. It’s great fun to simply find a spot along the trail and watch if you are not the racing type. Westchester Lagoon is a favorite of the Alaskan Leopard crew. Parking is easy in the neighborhood, making the access and setup all the easier.  Rules for “watchers” are easy.  Smile, relax, and have fun!  Bring a picnic basket, some warm clothes, a lawn chair, and a hot thermos.  Make a day of it.

The informational link is for all things Tour 2012!

Tom Lucido of Alaskan Leopard is one of the Vacation Rental Innkeepers and long time active member of the
 Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association

One thought on “Tour of Anchorage – Bigger than Ever Ski Marathon

  1. Try the west end of 15th and M Streets. There’s always plenty of parking in the residential neighborhood. You may have to walk a few block but it is worth it. Being at the end of the race at Kincaid Park is fun as well as you watch them come in. Parking there is NOT an issue ever. And the added plus is being able to walk down the trail to the point and see the water, the ice flows, and Fire Island.

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