A Record Within Reach: Snowfall 2011-2012

Want statistics on snowfall in Anchorage? Just check the National Weather Service. Among their data is this report:

Top 5 Highest Winter Snowfall (Normal = 74.5 inches) 132.8 inches...........1954-1955 128.8 inches...........1955-1956 113.8 inches...........2003-2004 121.5 inches...........1994-1995 111.0 inches...........1948-1949

Soon, we may see 2011-2012 in this list! We are in the lead compared to other US cities with 100,000+ populations according to All Snowiest US Cities. Even the Master Gardeners are wondering about the growing season for this year, fearing the snowfall will delay it.

But travel and enjoyment of outdoor sports do not seem to mind the quest to set a new record. The Iditarod reports cause everyone to look up when the sports casters run the latest panels, cheering for their favorite mushers. Better yet, the Internet-oriented tune into the Iditarod site for continuous updating!

Courtesy of Visit Anchorage/Wayne Johnson

And the night skies are magnificent with the many planets and full moon serving as background for magnificent aurora this week. Tonight features a ‘moderate’ forecast, and the temperatures are above freezing – a late night walk might be perfect.

Coming home to the B&B is a great way to switch from snow and sky shows to comfort. After the evening’s events, a restful night in a clean, quiet environment greets our visitors.  First though, we love to see their photos of the day’s events!

Now is the time to take a couple of days away – try an Anchorage B&B that bears the ‘inspected and approved’ designation – this assures you of a quality, home-based stay with innkeepers who uphold the shared criteria of the AABBA. Call the Hotline at 907-272-5909 or visit online to envision yourself in a warm, personable inn. The inns are already accepting bookings for the summer season, so your best bet is a trip before the snow melts.  Can you pick the date we exceed the previous records?  There might be some celebrations in town!

Mary Rydesky of JarviHomestay is an Innkeeper and member of  the Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association

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