April Closes, May Enters….and Walking Tours Abound

April comes to a close with dry days and much of the snow heaps melted.  Major mountains of snow, and snow in areas hidden from the sun, remind us of the Winter of 2012 and its record-breaking snow fall.  But now we focus on summer fun!

Anchorage Greenery – M M Rydesky

Have you taken the Walking Tour of Anchorage? This weather is perfect for a ramble to the historic spots in town. Anchorage is nearly 100 year old, and the walking tour trail will highlight many key events.  

Did you know you could walk the solar system while in Anchorage?  Try the Lightspeed Planetary Tour to visit all the planets.  Sponsored by Anchorage Rotary, this walking tour is imaginative and fun! You can follow the comments about the tour on Face Book and add your own.

Not enough of clean air, beautiful vistas, and trails to follow? Check the Trails of Anchorage site to find maps and descriptions of more trails.  Anchorage is well known for its ‘city’ trails, but these are only part of the opportunity: make certain you try the Tony Knowles and other trails that connect scenic visits, local recreational parks, and forests. A mileage chart will help you plan.

After a day on your feet, relaxing at a B&B is the way to go.  Try one of the inns that are inspected and approve by the AABBA – the rigors of peer review will impress you! OVer thirty inns have been through this process (and those in business for many years still go through it annually).  You will be able to walk to some of the inns; others are remote enough to require motorized transportation.  But once you make your reservations, you will have assurance that ‘home, sweet home’ will await you with accommodations that are to your liking.  Visit with your host, ask for recommendations on local events, restaurants, tours, and more – you will get the ‘scoop’ for inn keepers who live here and want you to know Anchorage the way they do!

–Mary M Rydesky is one of the Innkeepers in  Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association. She hosts Jarvi Homestay B&B, now in its fifth season. Trails are accessible near this B&B for walks near the water and by auto for mountain hikes at Flat Top. Potter Marsh and its allure for bird watchers are near enough for walkers and cyclists; vehicles reach the viewing area within three minutes!

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