Alaska State Fair: Straight Ahead!

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Summer in Alaska is peaking during this final weekend of July. Soon, we will be attending the annual State Fair, viewing giant cabbages and relishing funnel cakes and reindeer sausages. Now in its 76th year, the State Fair is scheduled for twelve days beginning August 23rd.

A warm sunny day, a walk through the exhibits, and a few rides will have visitors ready for the great tastes of the foods available at the Fair.  2012 features the debut of new foods including reuben sandwiches by Reuben Haus and 1950’s style beverages by the Alaska Soda Jerk.  

Our Body

Looking for an educational moment to punctuate the games, concerts, and demonstrations? Check the exhibit called Our Body: Live Healthy. The lesson in human anatomy will amaze and inform viewers of all ages, featuring displays of preserved organs, systems, and structures in a dignified manner.

If you visit the fairgrounds on the first and last days of the 2012 event, be sure to look up at the mountains.  In the time it takes for the Fair to host its visitors, the seasons will begin to show signs of change. The ratio to green to white on the mountainside will alter, as the white blanket crawls down toward the valley. Maybe it is this alteration that urges fair goers to savor every taste, every view, and every bit of fun. 

Then retreat to your favorite Anchorage area Bed & Breakfast for a restful night’s sleep followed by a pleasant breakfast.  Celebrate summer fully with a couple of days away!

Mary is the inn keeper at Jarvi Homestay, a B&B dedicated to healthy choices for body and mind.  She is one of the member Innkeepers of the  Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association

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