Locals Vote on Anchorage’s Best Places to Eat, Drink, Spend Time Outdoors, & Everything Else

So.  You’re coming to visit Alaska?  You are spending some time in Anchorage?  Well, you’ll want to know the places that locals vote as the best of the best when it comes to the arts, “Made in Alaska” products, eating establishments, drinking spots, health clubs, fishing charters, flying services, Sunday drives, outdoor sporting goods stores, overnight hikes and more.
 Each year, the Anchorage Press (also known as Alaska’s Pickiest Newspaper) asks readers to vote on the “best of” in a number of areas, including:
  • Goods and Services (29 categories)
  • Restaurants and Dining (35 categories)
  • Fashion and Style (8 categories)
  • Mixed Media  (Bookstores, Music Stores, etc.) (7 categories)
  • Outdoors (10 categories)
  • Bands and Entertainers (14 categories)
  • Nightlife (22 categories)  and
  • “Everything Else” (10 categories)
The results are darn interesting and reveal that Anchorage and the people who live here are quite diverse. Visitors will  find the information useful, as it can help eliminate some of the guesswork when pondering where to go for what.  For example, if you want to know the best place to get a massage, you’ll find the local votes here.  Best florist? Yes. Best coffee house? Done!  Best Local Politician?  Why of course!   It’s all here.
As a matter of fact, you’ll find the best of everything, as proclaimed by the People of Anchorage.   So, look for a print copy or go online at http://www.anchoragepress.com.  You’ll be glad you did.  Because  knowledge is power, and this information gives you the power to experience the very best of Anchorage, as told by those who set out and seek to live it.
 When you know where to go and what to do, you’ll have a better time. Go forth.  Go big.  Go do that Big, Wild Life! 

Marilyn is one of the Innkeepers of  Anchorage Alaska Bed & Breakfast Association.
She manages 11th Avenue Bed and Breakfast.

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